Honoring A Loved One Who Has Passed

While many people will be enjoying chocolate treats and dinner at a fancy restaurant this week, Valentine’s Day can also be a particularly challenging time for those who have lost a close loved one. Holidays can be aching reminders of how that special person is no longer here to celebrate with. If you have recently, or even not so recently, experienced the loss of someone near and dear, consider choosing one of these ways to honor their memory in a creative way.

Start a New Tradition

One way to hold on to the presence of your loved one who has passed is to form a new tradition based on their interests. If your husband enjoyed hiking in the mountains as often as he could, start taking the kids to an indoor rock wall once a month for an entire year. If your best friend was a Halloween fanatic, plan an annual costume party in her honor for the neighborhood. If your grandmother was known for her caramel apple pie, vow to bake one each year on her birthday. Establishing this new ritual will provide you with a steady reminder that your loved one’s spirit lives on, and it will give you something to look forward to when needed most.

Try Something Artistic

Create a simple poem, serious or humorous, about a loved one who has passed by using words and phrases cut out from a magazine. Invite guests over and cook them your loved one’s favorite meal. Get together with family to paint your loved one’s favorite saying or Bible verse on a canvas to hang in your house.

Appreciate Life

While grieving the death of a loved one can cause deep sorrow, it is so important to be reminded of life during this difficult time. Ask a friend to join you on an exciting adventure such as going zip lining or taking a weekend road trip. Visit someone you know who recently had a baby. Start a gratitude journal. Plant a garden. Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted or simply schedule some time for extra self-care.

Give Back

Lastly, what better way to honor the life of a loved one than to do something generous and caring on their behalf. Random Acts of Kindness Day, which falls on February 17, is a perfect opportunity to share the overflowing love you still have for a friend or family member who has passed away.

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