Kimberly Grebowski
Kimberly Grebowski
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Kimberly was born March 18, 1970 to Thomas Wojcik and Linda Grebowski in St. Paul, MN and died August 6, 2012 in Brooklyn Park, MN


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T Thomas on Jan 13, 2013

Too bad you never had the brains to even be called a sister to such a wonderful women who you were so jealous of all your pathetic life, also maybe you could of came and seen her once in two years while she battled cancer and at least paid all the money back we borrowed you through your phony life. but it was well spent at casinos. Also kim never had a sister named aimmy eldridge, oh thats right you changed your last name to hide from two cases of welfare fraud. and besides it was worth the money not to have to deal with your scamming life style! WORTHLESS.



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Kimberly Grebowski

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Kimberly Grebowski

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Kimberly Grebowski

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