Paul  James Strand
Paul  James Strand
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Family & Friends Gathering

Choice Cremation - Fridley
7398 University Avenue Northeast
Fridley, MN 55432
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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A Alliya Mady on Nov 18, 2020

Almost a year without you being here and it’s another year that my heart misses a piece of my true family😣tomorrow is your day, I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with you while you were here and the bond we got to rebuild with eachother😔💙I love you dearly and deeply, love alliya🥺

M Mary (lil Italian girl) on Nov 9, 2020

Love you brother Paul, can't believe it's been a year almost already. You were loved more than you could ever imagine and missed just as much.
Jimbo is not the same without his Big Brother.☆

C Connie Shackle on Nov 24, 2019

He was a “Simple Man” with a complicated past. The other day a friend described Paul as a man that loved deeply. He may not always show it because he was a private man. He loved me and my family. He loved his family. He was a proud man. He was a veteran. He worked hard and was so happy working at Yinghua Academy. He grew up and graduated from Heights. He was my man and I loved him....his "old lady"......Connie

C Connie Shackle on Nov 24, 2019

Friday, Nov 15th, 2019

C Connie Shackle on Nov 24, 2019



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Paul  James Strand

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Paul  James Strand

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Paul  James Strand

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